Monday, August 11, 2008

Noreen (ex tornado angels) & Wan (splitfire)

Noreen (ex tornado angels) & Wan (splitfire) Nikah Ceremony

080808; 8pm; USJ Subang Jaya

Best day and nice windy night with a nice selection of date, at 8pm Wan and Noreen are officially husband and wife. Welcome to the club.
Wan wears white baju melayu teluk belanga (style johor) and Noreen wears a nice and simple white+cream songket. Pengapit is Pot (Raskal) and Shenaz (Ex Tornado angel) “InsyaAllah akan di satukan tak lama lagi”. Both of them wear green together.
The only people that I know on that night are only my husband A’sim, Aini, Pot and Shenaz. The rest cant make it because obviously on that date people berebut nak kawin kan. But as long as things goes well, Alhamdulillah then.

100808; Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur
On that night I can see most of the friends wearing nice and beautiful dress and suit. Cantik and handsome ok!. It was a garden+English concept from what they have arranged. The pelamin were full of blossoms of fresh flowers that can be smell form far away (ye la kami dok kat paling belakang kan).

Wan wears a nice black suit with a white shirt and Noreen with a sweet white dress. And again the pengapit is Pot and Shenaz. It was a simple wedding yet everyone enjoyed. For the first ever time I attend a malay wedding that serve a Chinese course food. Gila best!!!!... It’s been a long time for some of us din eat the Chinese course. People around my table are Boss (Bandit), Kak Rock, Raihan, Azam(Banzaai), Dyana (Hbbz), Aj(Raskal), Asim (Banzaai), Mas (Ballbusters, Eady (Demonz Red). From those name you can imagine how rakusnya the way we eat kan?. Letak je habis. Tak senonoh langsung!. Rugi betul for those who din come. Hahahahah
Most of our time there, we spend it by posing at the cameras. Sampai naik penat la senyum. We laugh like nobody cares and we chat like nobody business. When the function is over, we met more paintballers especially team Outrecs and Spy. All of them wears black suit as well. Handsome maa…
Met Hawa (spy), she said that insyallah after puasa she and Tajul (spy) will get engaged!! Wow!! And she just came back from Melbourne after completing her MBA (Master of Business Admin). Congratulation girls!!!

Congratulation to the pengantin and good luck in future.

Maaf Pengantin ..Epul Tak dapat Joint.......

BY-Hana Honey Bezz


Hana said...

harus ke caption last skali tu?. Hahahahaha..
Shenaz (HoneyBzz) daaa

hata said...

ola Noreen conGREATzz!!
smoga jodoh berpanjangan kekal ke anak cucu...insyAllah.


Anonymous said...

napa asim sorang je kat situ?????

-noreen a.k.a ladyviolet- said...

tima kaceh to all yang hadir dan to all yg wish!! muwaaahhhh love u all....